Kode.Dev- Online Tools & Converters:

Kode.dev is an online portal for converters and online webapps. Here, You can get many number of service like Byte Converters, Case Converters & Detailed tutorials about PHP Languages. Soon, we are planning to add Online PHP IDE.

Byte Converter
A simple MB to GB Converter (and More!!)
BandWidth Converter
BandWidth Converter
A simple MBPS to MB/s Converter (& more!!)
Website Up or Down Checker?
Instant Website monitor & Up or Down Checker!
Case Converter
Case Converter
Convert to Caps, Small caps, Sentence caps!!
Word Unscramble
Unscramble a word into multiple one.
CSS Minifier
Minify CSS instantly With our CSS Minifier Tool
JS Minifier
Minify JS instantly With our JS Minifier Tool
base64 encoder
An instant base64 encoder online
binary to text conversion
Convert Binary into Text or Word.
text to binary conversion
Convert Text or Word into Binary Values.
JSON Viewer
Beautify your JSON Code using our JSON Viewer.

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